What is Virofiber and Why is Viro the best kind of wicker for outdoor furniture?

A lot of, if not most wicker patio furniture on the market is made of post consumer materials by the same factory that created the furniture. They have only one goal: To make a profit. They do not care that your wicker will start falling apart in a year or less. The same can be said for the sellers of this furniture. They want your money, not your long term satisfaction. 

Virofiber is made of clean, never before used materials that are sourced in the USA. It gets it's name "Viro" from Environment because it's a material that does not harm the environment.

After experimenting with different wicker and rattan materials for over a decade, we have come to the conclusion that all of the top outdoor furniture companies have also come to...Virofiber is absolutely unbeatable!

Why Our Virofiber Wicker Patio Furniture Is Better:

  • No Wicker Outlasts Virofiber! It lasts 5+ times longer than other wicker! Most other wicker patio furniture breaks down in just month!.
  • Virofiber or Viro is Eco Friendly...Unlike other wicker which harms the enviroment and creates toxic fumes, Viro fiber is save for the EnVIROnment, that's how it got it's name!
  • VIRO wicker is a name brand while most furniture factories make their own haphazard wicker, and trust me, it's not always the same product. It's made of recycled plastic and that is why it's not only more toxic but it wont last a fraction of the time and what can you do with torn up wicker? You toss it in the trash, where it ends up in a land fill.
  • VIRO is made from materials sourced here in the USA, so it helps the US economy!
  • VIRO is non toxic AND Recycleable
  • VIRO is used by the most High End Wicker Furniture companies like Lloyd Flanders, Tropitone and Frontgate.

Virofiber's Special Features:

  • VIRO is engineered to withstand the elements...High Temps or Low...Nothing can destroy VIRO!
  • VIRO has an Anti Chlorine agent so it's safer to use around pools...believe me, I have seen some serious pool damaged wicker! Most wicker will degrade when exposed to chlorine.
  • VIRO is even safe around salt water...so it's perfect for those of you lucky enough to live near the ocean. Other wicker degrades when exposed to salt water.
  • VIRO has an anti-microbial agent, the same one found in antibacterial soap, so it does not harbor bacteria or sustain mold.
  • VIRO also has anti static/anti dust properties which means it will stay clean longer and not get as dusty and musty as other wicker furniture.
  • VIRO is fire retardant!
    The list goes on and on...No outdoor wicker beat the benefits of VIRO!

Buyer Beware:

This is what other wicker furniture looks like after a few short months:



 We offer a 5 Year warranty against wicker defects! Your investment is safe!