We are priced nearly the same as other mainstream companies, yet we are not the same.  We use Spuncrylic and Sunbrella fabrics and quality Virofiber  or Agio wicker.
(Please note this does not apply to our bargain wicker)

We've spent nearly a decade experimenting with materials and we have come to our conclusion after many trials and errors...Virofiber is absolutely unbeatable!

Reasons to choose Viro:

  • No Wicker Outlasts Virofiber!  It lasts at least 3 times as long as other wicker! 
  • Virofiber or Viro is Eco Friendly...Unlike other wicker which harms the enviroment and creates toxic fumes, Viro fiber is save for the EnVIROnment, that's how it got it's name!
  • VIRO wicker is a name brand while most furniture factories make their own haphazard wicker, and trust me, it's not always the same product.  It's made of recycled plastic and that is why it's not only more toxic but it wont last a fraction of the time and what can you do with torn up wicker?  You toss it in the trash, where it ends up in a land fill.
  • VIRO is made from materials sourced here in the USA, so it helps the US economy!
  • VIRO is non toxic AND Recycleable
  • VIRO is used by the most High End Wicker Furniture companies.
  • Viro is engineered to withstand the elements, whether they be high temps or low. 
  • VIRO is even safe around salt it's perfect for those of you lucky enough to live near the ocean.
  • Viro has a Chlorine neutralizing agent, so it's safe to use around pools.  We have surely seen some pool damaged wicker in our time!
  • VIRO has an anti-microbial agent, the same one found in antibacterial soap, so it does not harbor bacteria or sustain mold. 
  • VIRO also has anti static/anti dust properties.
The list goes on and on...No outdoor wicker beat the benefits of VIRO!

    Buyer Beware!
    Many outdoor wicker companies try to skirt around telling you that your actual wicker will not last more than a year...or that they only warrant it for a year, or they defer the warranty to the manufacturer. (Who, by the way is in China, so there is basically no warranty!)  They do this by mentioning that the frames are covered for 3 years.   Do you really need a 3 year warranty on frames when you're lucky to have the wicker last 1 year?

    Trust Virofiber, the only wicker that will replace any piece of wicker that fails within 5 years of purchase.  If you decide to shop somewhere else...chances are we might see you back soon!