We've been bringing Resort Wicker Patio Furniture to the USA since 2005. For many years we have provided furniture only to resorts and retailers.  Now it's time for us to be able to bring our designs directly to you!  Our designer grew up on the beaches of San Diego, loves outdoor living and has made her mark on the furniture world by having a desire for innovation and and eye for beauty through geometry expressed through clean, modern wicker patio furniture. Our first inspiration will always be the beach and the beauty of the outdoors, our second will always be You and the years of joy our furniture will bring you. 

We have high hopes for your furniture! 

Firstly, We want your wicker patio furniture to be just the way you want it! Choose your wicker, fabrics and the exact pieces you want to create a beautiful outdoor space!

Our Second hope for you is that you will enjoy your beautiful furniture for a long, long time.  

They say imitation is the best form of flattery. With very few exceptions...You are buying Beautiful Luxury Virofiber Patio Furniture from the original, patent holding designer, any others you see that are identical, are likely copies of ours, but very unlikely to be copies of our quality!

Our outdoor furniture:

  • We do not cut the cost of production by making an inferior product like many retailers. When you buy from us, we are not using generic materials. We have had 10+ years of experience finding and testing the best materials! (You're not going to be a furniture guinea pig, we're using TRIED & TRUE materials and ALL of our custom made Patio Furniture is made of Virofiber Outdoor Wicker.  We are proud to offer a 5 year warranty on all of our made to order Virofiber wicker.  (Updated June 2018) 
  • Our Outdoor wicker patio furniture is made of Aluminum BAR construction in the thickest material possible.
  • Our cushions are made to be of the utmost comfort... the perfect density that will not lose shape and the covers are welted, double encased and have zippers for easy removal.
  • Our fabrics are fade resistant Spuncrylic as of 7/1/2018  What does this mean? It's guaranteed not to fade for at least 3 years!
  • Commercial Grade Construction