Outdoor furniture should be a lasting investment in your family's joy and memories, so it's important for it to last.

But which outdoor wicker patio furniture is the best?  How do you know which outdoor wicker patio furniture to buy?

Answer:   Read this page about outdoor wicker patio furniture components and make a qualified choice!
1. Your new wicker patio furniture should have aluminum frames, not any other kind of metal.
Why?  All metal oxidizes and rusts with the exception of aluminum.  This includes steel, even stainless steel isn't really stainless.  The only reason any company would make steel or iron frames would be that steel and iron are much cheaper, about 10 times cheaper than aluminum. Also, rusty frames and feet will stain your cushions and concrete.  That's why we only use powder coated aluminum for our frames. 
2. Your outdoor wicker furniture should not degrade, but most wicker on the market will degrade the first year and there's nothing that can stop it once it starts. The problem is that many Chinese wicker companies make their own wicker in factory and they make it out of post consumer materials which might seem good for the environment, but it makes for wicker that becomes very brittle when exposed to heat. That's why we use only Virofiber brand wicker.  

There's nothing sadder than watching your investment literally crumble before your eyes. You're lucky to get even a whole year out of some wicker, while our wicker patio furniture has been known to last as long as 10 years.

Since no one is going to pay for that information to show high in internet search results, you have to search reviews to find the truth!
Most wicker patio furniture factories produce their own wicker from the cheapest post consumer materials possible to maximize their profits, as a result, this wicker starts breaking and degrading, and there's really no good way to fix wicker once that starts.  Most Websites try to get around this by only offering a warranty on their frames or saying there is a "manufacturer's warranty" when the manufacturer is in china!  Buyer Beware! 
Some Pictures of  what often happens to non Viro wicker:

The longest lasting wicker in the USA is VIRO.  Viro is made from new materials sourced here in the USA. It is used by the top most expensive patio furniture companies,  like Tropitone Outdoor Furniture, Lloyd Flander's Wicker and Frontgate. but almost never by medium priced furniture companies, except Viro Wicker USA! That is why we are confident and offer a 3 Year warranty on our wicker. 
3. You want good comfortable cushions that  repel water.  
Imagine waiting for that perfect sunny day to sit out on your new wicker patio furniture, only to find  that your cushions are literally filled with water! While no cushions are 100% waterproof, ours deflects light rain and spills. 

Bad cushions and moldy fabric taken from some of our competitors:


4. You want fabric that will not fade.  
Imagine buying patio furniture, only to have your furniture fade within months. Most fabrics on patio furniture you see in the USA is simply cotton or poly cotton. This fabric fades within days or weeks, molds and deteriorates.  If you read the fine print on other websites, they often tell you to keep it out of direct sunlight!  Really?  

Faded Cushion Covers from our competition:

We use only the best outdoor fabric:  We offer 16 colors of Acrylic fabrics and our fabric has a full  warranty against fading!
5. Size.  Pictures can be deceptive.  Not everything that looks the same in pictures is the same.
Most of our competitors sell furniture that is 24" tall and not very deep or wide either.  Get out a measuring tape and see how low  24"  is.  Our furniture is 28" to 32" tall, 35" deep and our smallest seat is 28" wide on the interior. 
Our wicker patio furniture is bigger...The materials we use are the top of the line, yet our furniture costs the same as our competitors.  How do we do it? We make less profit to give you a product we can be proud of! 

How does Viro Wicker USA compare to our competition?

Here is Our Warranty, so you can compare with our competition's "Warranties":  (As of September 2015)

Frames: Our frames are warranted for 3 years under normal use.
Wicker: Virofiber Wicker is warranted for 3 years under normal use.
Fabric: Our Acrylic fabric Cushion Covers are warranted for 3 years under normal use.

Now look Below at the warranties and complaints of our main competition within our price range: (Accurate as of 1/1/2017. )

This is our Savannah Round Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture:

Savannah Round Outdoor Wicker Sectional

Here's a picture of our "old" wicker patio  furniture.  

This set is 5 years old, picture given to us by our client:


Now, Let's look at a few of our competitors: 

1. Design Furnishings-Links to some of their MUST READ reviews:





Design Furnishings warrants the frame against breakage a full 3 (three) years from the date of purchase, under normal use. Additionally, Design Furnishings warrants the wicker strapping against breakage for a full 1 (one) year from date of purchase, under normal “non-commercial” use. 


Items not covered: Table tops, umbrellas, non-Sunbrella pillow and cushion coverings YOUR FABRIC HAS ZERO WARRANTY, cushion foam or cushion fillings, overhead shade covers, wood furniture, cast iron and steel bases, the natural weathering of wood finishes, breakage of glass, fading, staining or mildewing of fabric and strapping or the compression of cushion fillings and rusting of stainless steel footing covers are not covered under the warranty.

This warranty does not cover wear, fading, shrinkage of non-Sunbrella fabric or cushions.

Assembly required: Dining Sets
Seat Height: 25"

Design Furnishings Sample Complaints:

From Yelp:
A: "Horrible quality. Both sets of cushion covers faded within a few weeks of use. When I called to get replacements, I was told they've changed the style and can't do anything for me. So $1400 later, my barely used furniture looks awful."
B. "this is a worthless product. Where the warranty should protect the consumer it doesn't. The synthetic wicker strapping falls apart in less than two years where the chairs because totally unusable for a $2,800 dining set. "
C."My experience has been a complete disappointment. I purchased Royal Rustico wicker chairs. The company has misrepresented this chair. Their website states "Full sized furniture to ensure your comfort" and they state the dimensions are 24" wide. These are NOT full sized and they are NOT 24" wide. The chair seat is barely 18" wide. Two members of my immediate family cannot fit in these chairs. I am a very slender woman and I just fit in them."

2. Ohana Depot:

Assembly required: No.
Product Height: 28"

Ohana Warranty: Note there is no warranty at all stated for the wicker.

Limited Product Warranty Ohanadepot, Inc. warrants to its customers, the original purchaser, that its products are free from Manufacturing Defects (workmanship and/or material). “Manufacturing Defects" as used in this warranty is defined as - imperfections which impair the utility of the product or affect the structural integrity of the product. This limited warranty is covered for a period of 3 years as to the structural framing of the furniture , and 1 year for all cushions and chrome finish of metal components , from the date of purchase in accordance with the conditions set forth herein. 

Unfortunately, there is no mention of coverage for your wicker, and that is the most likely problem you will have with wicker patio furniture.  

Ohana Complaints:

A."Found out the cushions are not waterproof - only the cover- when the cover is on the rain pools the cover is for the entire set not individual pieces so have to push them together WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE WHO DOES NOT HAVE A COVERED PORCH!!!"
B."We would give it zero stars if we could... Our experience with purchasing this item was a complete disaster. Arranging and waiting for delivery was a huge pain and was a full day commitment. During the unboxing it was clear the middle sections of the couch were damaged; worse was the fact that there were three cushions missing. Called Amazon and they were generally helpful but returning a purchase this size is anything but simple. They put us in contact with the manufacturer, Ohana. Needless-to-say, Ohana's Customer Service was one of the worst we have ever had to deal with on an issue. Despite trying to work with Ohana in just replacing the box (1 of 5) that had the broken and missing parts, they told us our only option was to return the full unit. That was absolutely fine with us but the pick-up was a huge problem. Despite Amazon's assurances of top priority logistics service, two half days (really more including necessary phone calls) were spent waiting for and working with two logistics providers to pick up the unit. Despite being loyal Amazon customers, we will not be making this kind of purchase with them again. Ohana should not be selling lawn chairs as far as we are concerned. Overall, quality of the unit was also highly underwhelming even if everything had come as specified."
C."Cushions get soaked with water and takes days to dry out. Reasonably Comfortable and good value. Good for use under a covered patio but not in open air due to large foam cushion material getting water soaked. Will now have to by fast dry foam cushion replacements because current foam used holds water. Very disappointed. DO NOT BUY IF NOT USED UNDER A PATIO!!"
D."Very Disappointed. This product was not at all what I expected. The cushions especially,were very poorly made. Some cushions had velcro sewn onto them and some did not. The cushions do not stay in place on any of the furniture pieces, especially on the footstools. The furniture is small in size, in comparison to other patio furniture. VERY DISAPPOINTED."
E."This is very low quality outdoor furniture. I was expecting much more than what was delivered. I am returning it for full refund. Also not that when it was delivered, the Delivery person took the boxes with him so they care coming back packed in shrink wrap."
F. "The Foam in the seating collapsed after just 8 months. I have owned this set for approximately 11 months and the sitting cushions are not holding up. The foam is collapsing terribly. Does the manufacture of this product warranty the foam? The covering material is holding up. I spent alot of money and expected better value. This item has been on my covered back patio and has been well taken care of. Please make this right Ohana."

G: If you are looking to buy outdoor furniture that will last a few years Do Not Buy from this company. We purchased the entire set along with the dining set and have problems with it not being waterproof. The cushions once wet stay wet for many days. We were so tired of removing the covers and trying to dry the cushions out then having to put covers back on. It was extremely hard to put back covers!!! Also the covers now have worn out look from sun exposure. The material is not made to last! 

H: Cushions faded and began to fray in the beginning of the second year. Called Ohana and they said one year warranty only. The feet are made of metal and have rust on them in the second year. This set was not cheap. Very poor quality.

I:The cushions have completely disintegrated in the sunshine. Stains never came out easily. We are kind of disappointed that the replacement cushions are ~$700

3. Modenzi 

Modenzi Warranty: ( This is a new company who looks very similar to some of those below) They are so new that we could not find any aged reviews.
Assembly Required and a 90 Days warranty on our framework. Note: No wicker warranty noted at all.

Another site quotes them as saying:
3 year limited warranty on wicker, 90 days on cushions. ( Our Note: You might want cushions that last longer than 90 days) 

Assembly required: Yes, the furniture is Knock down.
Modenzi Height: 24" ( get our your measuring tape!)

Modenzi Complaints:
From Ebay: 
A. "Don't order from these people"
B."Very slow delivery zero communication until I opened a case with ebay, RUDE"
C."The discription states wicker, this set is cheap plastic. Not what I expected."
From Amazon:
D. "For the money it was quite cheaply looking when I got it."

 They are from Texas, just like the Belizo, Luxxella,Udukka, Meldecco people and the pictures are very similar.  You can draw your own conclusions.


4. Belizo:

Belizo warranty:

Belizo renders a warranty that applies to the structural frame for three years against rusting. It also guarantees chrome finish for 12 months. The warranty doesn't cover fading.

Assembly required: Unknown
Belizo Height: 24"

Belizo Complaints:
From Pissed Consumer, where there are hundreds of complaints:
A. "I purchased almost 4k in patio lounge furniture and dinning set.With in 6 months the fabric started to fade REALLY bad.

I was told to purchase the sunbrella covers of which I did and paid an additional $900 bucks just in covers. (still haven't received the covers I ordered and its been almost 2 months now) Now my table of which has been under our covered patio the whole time is totally falling apart. The table is under warranty, but they will not send me a new table unless I pay almost $300 in shipping. Really???"
B."This is such a scam.The cushions are horrible.

The quality is worse. Someone should investigate this company. The cushions are faded within a couple of months. When I called customer service they offered to replace the cushions for more than you spent on the original set.

I asked why they did not stand by their product. They said it is up to the customer to read the small print. Wow what a way to answer a concern. I highly suggest that the Buyer BEWARE."


5. Meldecco

Meldecco warranty

All merchandise is sold under a 5 year warranty. The aluminum frame/base is under the 5 year warranty. The fabric will not be under any guarantee. We also do not warranty against any type of fading from the sun. ( Our note: No mention of wicker warranty)

Meldecco height: 24"
Assembly required: Unknown

Meldecco Complaints:
From Amazon:
A."Sorry, just poorly made and not worth the money"
B.'Stayaway from this product and seller. The table and the chairs arrived with missing bolts. The holes don't align. You can't drill additional holes because of the metal frame. Some bolts are too long and they stick out of the chair. The bolts are located at the worst places they could have been placed, which makes it very time consuming to assamble. The glass top is very thin and I don't think it will survive a hail. Forget about good customer service, if you get any service at all. I can't even return it back because return shipping is on your own expense (5-6 very large boxes and you need to disassamble everything to fit it back into those boxes) since this is sold by a third party and not sold by Amazon."


They are from Texas, just like the Belizo, Luxxella,Udukka, Modenzi people and the pictures are very similar.   You can draw your own conclusions.


6. Udukka

Uduka provides a warranty that covers structural frames for three years and cushions for one year. It also guarantees chrome finish for 12 months. The warranty doesn't cover fading.

Udukka Compliants:
From BBB:
A."Uduka's products started to fall apart, when contacted company they first refused to acknowledge then after several calls they agreed that i should pay about one-half of the cost to replace two items, even though still under warranty. After giving credit card, only choice i had, they claimed it was denied, after calling am ex, they said NEVER HAPPENED. CALLED THEM AGAIN AND NO ANSWER TO PHONE, advised ****** to drop them do not buy from this company"
B."This company is impossible to get ahold of. I would highly discourage you from having to go through doing business with them :( the cushions I orders were fade after 6 weeks. I tried to order rplavment covers and they charged my credit card but never sent them. I've sent multiple requests for an update with no answer to email or on the phone."

 They are from Texas, just like the Belizo, Luxxella,Modenzi, Meldecco people and the pictures are look very similar.  You can draw your own conclusions.

 We can't outline every competitor, but we've set you on the right track. Make a wise choice! with quality you can trust!